How to Increase website Speed & Fixing Render Blocking Java Script in just 2 min [BLOGGER]

Google considers website’s loading speed as a ranking factor and that is why it is important that we should work to reduce our website and blog loading time.

  • Fast sites rank better in search engines. Google has specifically stated that one of their ranking factors is site performance, especially for mobile users.
  • Speed optimization reduces server load. Say goodbye to capacity problems and crashed servers, less bandwidth usage. Most optimizations aimed at increasing speed also decrease file size saving storage space and reducing the amount of information that the server needs to send to each visitor
  • A fast website increases conversions. Fast page loads make happy customers, and happy customers buy more. If it takes ages to load up the page, then they are much less likely to hit continue shopping and browse for additional products
here is the solution to improve your site speed...

Fixing Render Blocking Javascript and CSS in the Above-the-fold content

  • Fixing Render Blocking Javascript and CSS in the Above-the-fold content by Applying new templates/Themes

  • Change all the font styles of your blog. So that the render blocking error will not show up in your blog.

These methods can increase the speed of your website and the Speed Max of your site will go up to 90%. And this is my personal experience and I have adopted this method and my site's opening speed is 3 sec as per thinkwithgoogle.

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