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How To SpeedUP Your Computer [Windows 10] *NEW*

There are many reasons why your computer seem to slow down over time. Use these simple steps to learn how to speedup your pc/laptop....

Step 1 : Click Cortana Search Box And type run then click and type %temp% press enter and see your temporary cache file then select all and delete all files permanently

Step 2 : Same process again search run and type temp and delete all files

Step 3 : Again try another run command type prefetch and select all files and delete all

Step 4 : Open My computer and click C drive properties then click disk cleanup and clean all empty file, system error file, thumbnail, temporary internet file etc

Step 5 : Search Defragment and optimize drives on search box and analyze C drive and optimize it...

Step 6 : Click My computer properties then click advance system setting choose performance setting now u see visual effect dialog box and choose custom and set your required option and save the setting...

Step 7 : Open Task manager , choose startup check all are these unwan…

How To Recover Your Deleted Emails From Gmail

Step.1 Sing in your Gmail id

Step.2 If you delete your important mails then go to Gmail option section (Left side) and click TRASH

Step.3 Now Search your important mails and check thik mark at side of the mail 

Step.4 Then click option button on your mouse and choose move to inbox

Now check your inbox. your delete mails restored.(NOTE : Trash stored your delete mail only 30 days)


How To Redirect Your Custom Domain Name In Blogger [Godaddy] Step By Step

Step 1.  Create a account in and purchase a domain name/new website

Step 2. Open your blog and click setting then choose + Set up a third-party URL for your blog

Step 3. Put your purchase domain name in the blank space  and click save

Step 4. Now u see your two CNAME and its add in your DNS zone file setting in godaddy

Step 5. Copy one by one ur all IP code and add in ur DNS zone file setting in godaddy

Step 6. After Add your all CNAME & IP code the choose setting option and click Forwarding domain manage and click add forwarding

Step 7.Type your purchase domain name/new website then click add and save 
Step 8. Now back to your blog and click save button
Step 9.Click edit button then click thik mark of the box to redirect your domain name and save the setting.